Globalization we can grasp – Nachhaltigkeit und Gerechtigkeit in der Weltgemeinschaft

Ein Curriculum mit Videos

(WARC, Juli 2009) Christians are increasingly articulate critics of economic, social and environmental abuse. What is often missing for ordinary people in those critiques is an idea of what they can do to make a difference at home, in their parishes and in the broader community.

A newly-released online curriculum package "Globalization we can grasp" offers welcome examples in both print and video of individuals and groups who are making changes and making a difference.

Developed by the North American Working Group for Covenanting for Justice of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC), the package is divided into five parts: Globalization and the Churches’ Response; Global Climate Change: Renewing the Sacred Balance; Farmworkers, Low Wage Jobs, and Living into a New Economy; Environmental Justice and Human Rights; Faithful Purchasing and the Global Economic Sweatshop Economy.

The curriculum is designed to be used as a package over a five week period or used as individual modules.

The package, made available online by WARC's Caribbean and North American Area Council (CANAAC), is part of the “Covenanting for Justice” programme, a transnational movement launched by WARC to bring about a sustainable and just global community.

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