Reformierter Weltbund: Jugend in der Evangelisch reformierten Kirche Lithauens soll sich als David gegen Goliath erheben

In Erinnerung an Calvin als jungen Reformator ermutigt Generalsekretär Nyomi die Reformierte Kirche in Lithauen, jungen Leuten Raum für ihre Begabungen zu geben

(WARC, 24. Juni 2009) Youth should be entrusted with church leadership positions a senior Reformed church executive has told leaders of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Lithuania.

Acknowledging recent problems with leadership in the Lithuanian church, the general secretary of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC), told members of the church’s governing body that: “It took a very young man, David, to confront and slay Goliath, even though he did not have the giant’s stature.”

Evoking the story of the giant Goliath’s threats to the people of Israel, Setri Nyomi said, “Let us listen to our young people. They can inspire us to renew our commitment to God in a way that makes a difference.”

The comments were made in a sermon preached at a weekend [20/21. Juni 2009] worship service in the northeastern city of Birzai during the church synod’s annual meeting. In his remarks, Nyomi offered the biblical story of David and Goliath as an example of how young people can confront and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges facing their people.

In the biblical account of the battle between David and Goliath, the young man draws on his faith in God for the courage to confront and fell his Philistine opponent armed with only a slingshot.

Nyomi expressed his appreciation for the work of the church’s current senior leader, General Superintendent Rimas Mikalauskas, saying: “In these times of transition, Rev. Mikalauskas is doing great work to rebuild the church and to keep it faithful to its mission.”

The synod was meeting in the context of worldwide celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Protestant Reformer, John Calvin. In a later presentation linked to the Calvin Jubilee, Nyomi referred to how young Calvin was at the time he was given responsibility for rebuilding the church in Geneva and urged older church members in Lithuania to “create space for young people to use their gifts, just as Calvin’s gifts were affirmed in his twenties.”

Roman Catholics make up 79 per cent of Lithuania’s population, followed by Eastern Orthodoxy at 4.9 per cent. Protestants represent 1.9 per cent of the population, with the largest number being Lutheran. The Reformed Church of Lithuania, first chartered over 450 years ago, lost most of its clergy and membership and all of its property following 1945 when Russia took over the country. When the country regained its independence in 1991, church property was returned. Since then, the church has struggled to rebuild. Today only a few of those church facilities have been restored; there are eight ordained clergy and a church membership of 10,000.

“My experience in the synod meetings told me this church has the ‘David spirit,’” Nyomi says. “The time is right for youth with their gifts of energy, vision and faith, to take up roles in the church and confront both its internal and external challenges.”

Internetseite der Evangelisch reformierten Kirche Lithauens

WARC/Global Dialogue on the Accra Confession

Strong emphasis on need for action by Christians against economic and ecological injustice
Setri Nyomi: ''We cannot ignore the millions of victims of injustice and the consequences of human devastation upon the Earth.''

Barbara Schenck

Niederlande: Balkenende: ''The church is a haven. You can recharge there''

Premierminister Balkenende würdigt neue Möglichkeit, den Glauben mit der Zeitschrift ''glossy'' zu zeigen
Friday afternoon (11. September 2009) Prime Minister Balkende received the ‘glossy’ newspaper “We believe” from the hands of Dr. A.J. Plaisier, secretary general of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.

Barbara Schenck

Evangelische Nachrichten aus Tschechien

Nachrichten aus der EKBB auf Deutsch und Englisch
Bulletin der Evangelischen Kirche der Böhmischen Brüder (EKBB), der Diakonie der Evangelischen Kirche der Böhmischen Brüder und der Evangelisch-Theologischen Fakultät der Karlsuniversität als PDF auf

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Presbyterian Church of Wales: Rückzug der britischen Truppen aus Afghanistan gefordert

Moderator Rev Haydn Thomas: Terrorismus mit Terrorismus zu beantworten ist keine Antwort
''In his final address as Moderator, the Rev Haydn Thomas will tell the Church’s General Assembly that Prime Minister Gordon Brown should return to his roots as son of the manse by basing his foreign policy on Christian principles'', meldete Christian Today am 8. September 2009.

Barbara Schenck

Globaler Dialog in Südafrika: Krise als Chance für eine Bewegung für soziale Gerechtigkeit

Mohau Pheko: current crisis is ''a spectacular failure'' of the current system
(WARC) The global financial crisis is a golden opportunity for a movement for economic justice according to a South African businesswoman and political economist.

Barbara Schenck

Vollversammlung des ÖRK 2013 in Korea: Chance für Dialog mit Evangelikalen und Pfingstkirchen

''Beitrag für die friedliche Aussöhnung und Wiedervereinigung'' des geteilten Koreas
Der am 31. August vom Zentralausschuss beschlossene Veranstaltungsort für die nächste Vollversammlung des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen (ÖRK) in der südkoreanischen Hafenstadt Busan im Jahr 2013 bietet nach Ansicht des Vorsitzenden des internationalen Ausschusses des Nationalen Kirchenrats in Korea (NCCK), Pfarrer Dr. Jong-Wha Park, besondere Chancen für einen verstärkten Dialog mit den evangelikalen und Pfingstkirchen in Korea.

Ökumenischer Rat der Kirchen - Nachrichten, 1. September 2009

Internationale Konsultation Südafrika: Reformierte Kirchen analysieren Auswirkungen der globalen Wirtschaftskrise

Vizepräsident Weusmann (ERK) erinnert an ständigen Dialog zwischen Kirchen in Deutschland und Südafrika
(WARC/RWB, 2. September 2009). Eine Zusammenkunft von reformierten Kirchen weltweit beginnt diese Woche in Johannesburg, Südafrika; im Zentrum der Debatten wird die Rolle stehen, die die Kirchen bei dem Ruf nach wirtschaftlicher Gerechtigkeit und Schutz der Umwelt zu spielen haben.

Pressemitteilung des Reformierten Weltbundes

Internationale Calvin-Konferenz in Budapest

Ein Bericht von Lajos Békefy
Europäische Wissenschaftler haben sich in Budapest zu einem internationalen Calvin-Symposium getroffen. Die Fachtagung mit über 200 Vorlesungen fand statt im Rahmen der Jahresversammlung des Kollegium der Doktoren der Reformierten Kirche Ungarns vom 24. bis 28 August 2009.

Dr. Lajos Békefy
(WARC, Juli 2009) Christians are increasingly articulate critics of economic, social and environmental abuse. What is often missing for ordinary people in those critiques is an idea of what they can do to make a difference at home, in their parishes and in the broader community.
(WARC, 25. August 2009) The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu will be following God's will by taking a leading role in efforts to reverse the effects of climate change according to the leader of a global alliance of Reformed churches.

The World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Tuesday, 25 August 2009, 9:04 (EST)
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